Tasting new styles of craft beer is the epitome of the craft brewery experience. When you fall in love with a new beer, part of the fun is taking some home for later. What’s the best way to get your beer from point A to point B without sacrificing quality? Enter the Crowler.

What is a Crowler?

Many people have heard of Growlers. For those who don’t know, growlers are 32- or 64-ounce reusable glass beer containers. A Crowler is a 32-ounce aluminum can that keeps your beer fresh until you decide to enjoy it.

Crowlers differ from growlers because Crowlers are meant for one-time use. Before we fill a Crowler, we soak a new 32 oz. can in sanitizer, eliminating the chance that outside bacteria will alter the taste of the beer. Growlers are reusable and stored at home, allowing a bigger chance for them to become contaminated with outside bacteria that can change the flavor of your beer before you get the chance to drink it.

Crowlers are also a lot more effective at keeping beer fresher, longer because they remove all the oxygen as well as blocking UV light. Oxygen and UV light both tend to break down beer. Breaking down beer is bad, mmmmkay?

How Long Does Beer Last in a Crowler vs. a Growler?

Beer typically stays fresh in a growler for about three days. After three days the oxygen and UV light degrades the beer. Crowlers keep beer fresh for about a month, and in some cases even longer. Of course, once you crack it open, you’ll want to drink that sucker the same day because you won’t be able to re-seal it, which has never been a problem for us!  

How Do I Get a Crowler From Gulf Stream Brewery?

Just ask!

Head to Gulf Stream Brewery in Fort Lauderdale, FL and sample the goods. We’ve got 5-oz. “flights” available so you can try a few different styles. When you find a style of beer you love, order a pint or two and enjoy yourself. When you’re ready to head out, let the bartender know you want more for home. They’ll fill the Crowlers fresh, while you wait!

If you don’t want to hang out with us, you can visit our website, www.gulfstreambeer.com (the website you’re on right now) and click the “Craft Beer To Go.” You can order your and pay for your Crowlers ahead of time and they’ll be ready to go when you get to the brewery!

What If I Still Want To Use My Own Growler?

We hear you. You heard all the benefits that Crowlers have to offer, but you still just love the experience of taking beer home in your favorite growler. Bring your favorite beer jug with you next time you visit Gulf Stream Brewery, and we’ll happily fill ‘er up the OG way!